AID Partners Buys Israel’s GeneSort For $23M

Česká společnost přátel Izraele www.cspi_.cznocamels.comgene_sport_1-2eefa913f8e870ca0af096de0337bbd71ddb75ae AID Partners Buys Israel’s GeneSort For $23M

May 9, 2017 | Israeli molecular diagnostics company GeneSort announced today that it had been acquired by Hong Kong investment fund AID Partners for $23 million. The deal will provide GeneSort with resources and other support for expanding into Southeast Asia and other global markets. Moshe Hogeg’s Singulariteam fund is the largest investor in GeneSort, having invested $2.2 million in the company. GeneSort specializes in genetic analysis of deep tissue. It detects specific genetic mutations linked to various types of cancer. Oncologists can use GeneSort’s diagnostic results to adapt treatments to the patient’s specific genetic mutations, which can have a dramatic effect on the recommended treatment.

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